T.K.S.S. Limited was founded by a Hong Kong born Chinese native, Madam Kate Kwan So Ng and her late British husband Derek John Victor Payne. The Chinese name of "Wu Mu Geng Tang Scholarship Scheme Company Limited", is literally named after her grandfather’s study in southern China and subsequently her parent’s former primary school in Hong Kong, a name to commemorate her family tradition with the intention to carry forward her ancestors’ mission of "Education for a Better Nation".

Kate and Derek set up T.K.S.S. Limited in Hong Kong (HKSAR) back in July 2000. In the following year, its first office was established in the remote mountainous Rongjiang County, Southeastern Prefecture of Guizhou Province. Kate has subsequently re-settled in the area only months after Derek had tragically passed away in March 2002, Hong Kong.

In 2006, Kate Ng obtained a 30-year use permit on a stretch of land along National Route No. 321 in Ting Dong Town, Congjiang County. During 2006-7, with part funding from Yuan Yee Charity Foundation, Alex & Monica Leung and Ms. Annie Wong, T.K.S.S. Eco Farm & Youth Hostel was created.

It was designed as an eco-friendly farm managed by T.K.S.S. staff and periodically Kate Ng’s fostered students. In order to optimise the limited available land, an eco-system was introduced and practised. Techniques were learned from local farmers and irrigation brought in from the natural spring water supply running through the property. The farm now grows fruits, vegetables and raises fish. Visitors to the hostel’s restaurant facilities could enjoy fresh products grown within the farm.