Why We Are Different?

T.K.S.S. is the only NGO stationed locally in Congjiang County.

Small, founded and operated by Kate Ng, who after a management career in various international companies in Singapore, United Kingdom and Hong Kong, decided to put her skills into account in the non-profit sector.

Being driven by the individual urge to improve living conditions and education opportunities for those who seem to live in the shadows of China’s success story, T.K.S.S. holds firm to the belief that support should be provided to those impoverished trying to secure and achieve better living conditions in a rapidly evolving and modernizing society. Based on pure human motives, seeking for it’s own independent sponsoring, T.K.S.S. is not involved in whatsoever other commercial, religious or philosophical body of thoughts. T.K.S.S.’s long-time presence in the area guarantees an in-depth knowledge of local customs sensitivities and needs. As a result, their mode of operation gained trust and respect from local authorities and communities. Their policy to optimise local resources and consequent application of this underlying idea generated new opportunities in the area.

Except for Kate, the staff is entirely composed by local people. When extra help is needed locals are engaged to help out. All construction, maintenance and carpentry works are executed by local craftsmen thus creating extra employment opportunities locally. Those policies give T.K.S.S. its reputation as an invaluable partner to support the regions future developments, treating locals as partners and not as indebted people.